Beth & Zack

August 31, 2019Appleton, WI

Our Story
Our Story

Beth and Zack began as childhood friends who met through traveling soccer. Friends for most of their childhood, it wasn't until after college that they began dating. This started when Zack was teaching back in Iron Mountain and Beth would be home visiting family over the holidays. Running into each other began to be more planned and frequent, and led to the couple officially starting to date in January 2017. Zack eventually moved to Appleton to be closer to Beth and things took off from there. Having a shared love of travel and sports, Beth and Zack's relationship has grown and thrived over the past two years. On December 19th, 2018, Zack took it a step further when he proposed to Beth after the couple celebrated an early Christmas together.

We are looking forward to taking the final step together in front of all of you this summer! ❤

The Wedding

Saturday, August 31, 2019
1:30 PM
Attire: Cocktail attire
St. Joseph Parish
404 W Lawrence St, Appleton, WI 54911
Warch Campus Center
711 E John St, Appleton, WI 54911

Cocktail hour will begin at 5:00 PM, with dinner and dancing to follow at 6:30 PM. Please note that we will be hosting an adults only reception.

There is a drop off area directly in front of the Warch Campus Center, but the only parking option is limited street parking in the vicinity around the Center (look for parking on E Alton St, E John St, or S Meade St). We encourage our guests to rideshare by carpooling or using Uber/trolley/cabs!

Wedding Party

Amanda Khor - Maid of Honor

Amanda and Beth first met as members of a girls travel soccer team when they were 12 years old. Nearly 20 years later, their friendship continues to grow and has even reached to different countries when Amanda visited Beth in Europe while she was studying abroad.

Cheryl Flogel - Matron of Honor

Cheryl and Beth met on the very first day of college in one of their first classes. As the only two people in the class who hailed from the great state of Wisconsin, they both immediately knew they wanted to get to know the other one and have been close friends ever since.

Tiffany Gribble - Bridesmaid

Tiffany is Beth's sister-in-law as she is married to Beth's only sibling, Eric. Tiffany has been a part of the Gribble family for nearly 20 years and their family wouldn't be the same without her bubbly and loving personality!

Carly Lambert - Bridesmaid

Carly is Zack's younger sister (Frorenza child # 2 of 4). Beth is so excited to gain another sister, especially someone as fun and thoughtful as Carly.

Allie Frorenza - Bridesmaid

Allie is Zack's other younger sister (Frorenza child # 3 of 4). Bonus deal - Beth doesn't get just one new sister, she gets two! Luckily for Beth, Allie is as equally wonderful as her sister Carly.

Sarah Newburg - Bridesmaid

Beth met Sarah through mutual co-workers/friends in Appleton and they hit it off instantly. Their friendship was forever solidified once they discovered they were practically neighbors (just one short deer trail apart). Even though Sarah has since left Appleton, they maintain their close friendship by visiting each other constantly.

Lucy Lambert - Flower Girl

Lucy is Zack's niece and the daughter of Carly and DJ. She turned 5 years old this spring and will almost certainly be the life of the party on the dance floor.

Max Frorenza - Best Man

Zack's youngest sibling Max has had a lot of pressure on him since day one - Zack told his parents he would run away if they brought home another sister - and he has never disappointed. Max has been a best friend and brother for over two decades.

Ben Shoquist - Groomsman

Best friends since their early days, Ben and Zack have roamed the East side of Iron Mountain for over 25 years. A second brother for Zack growing up, Zack was literally forced to spend time with other people by his mother.

Eric Gribble - Groomsman

Eric is Beth's brother, and Zack is excited to finally add a big brother to his family! Zack is looking forward to years of talking sports with Eric, especially when the local Packers and Badgers fall victim to Zack's beloved Lions and Wolverines.

DJ Lambert - Groomsman

DJ has been a member of Zack's family ever since he met Carly and we could not have asked for a better addition to the family. DJ has been a loving father, husband, and brother since day one.

Tony Cavalieri - Groomsman

Zack and Tony have been friends since high school and have hosted one another during many rivalry weekends throughout college. While they agree on very little when it comes to sports, Tony has been one of Zack's best friends since they first met.

Steve Hodgins - Groomsman

Friends since playing travel soccer together as kids, Zack and Steve have always bonded through soccer. Whether coaching at IMHS, attending professional soccer matches, or watching Manchester United at Bianco's Fitness, soccer has kept Zack and Steve close for years.